Face Routine

zebra clarisonic with sensitive skin brush

Vichy gel mate finish

3 steps clinique & all about eyes.

aveeno daily moisturizer.

Probably for most of you this face routine is way too much, but this is what really fits me according to my skin type.

First of all, im new using the clarisonic; and i already love it. After i wash my face with it using my step one from Clinique, i wipe my face with the step two. The next thing, i apply my vichy normaderm total mate gel. This one helps me prevent imperfections, and absorbs the oil on my skin. Finally, i apply step 3, and the all about eyes cream. Sometimes if my face feel a little more dry than usual i would add the aveeno daily moisturizer, but thats only if i really feel like needing it.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you are interested on some particular topics to post about just let me know.

Love, nat.